I'm Dreaming...Scratch that I'm Living the WHITE CHRISTMAS!!

HOLY TAMOLY!  Seriously folks.  Living above the Mason Dixon line you get snow.  I know.  But those of us living below it, like moi, snow is like magic.  It shuts down schools, major and minor roads, and even churches!  And look what came today!!!!  On Christmas Day!!!!   A white Christmas!!!!!  I am freakin' 38 years old and have NEVER HAD A WHITE CHRISTMAS!  I am like freakin' out, can you tell????

Ok, so it's not like snowboarding level, yet.  We've got some cool ripsticks and skateboards that can easily have their wheels removed though and don't think I'm not already scheming.....for tomorrow that is.  Tonight I think we'll keep the fire roaring (real wood one that is....yes not all Southerners have remote control fireplaces) and continue to roast marshmallows till our bellies explode!  Man, can this holiday get any more brimming with joy?  geeeeeeshhhhhh.  We are like a  bowl full of strawberry jello topped with a heavy layer of real whipped cream in the Horne house this holiday!!  Eeeekkkkkkkkkk!  It's snowing!   Ok.  I think I may need to get back outside now.  See ya later!! I simply can not stand it.  Bye ya'll!!


artteachergirl said...

Send some just a little bit more south...we are holding our breath waiting to see if we will have a little snow on Christmas. Your photos are beautiful!

nacherluver said...

Ha ha ha ha! You are just too cute! Around my part that's called a dusting! I'm glad you have experienced your first white Christmas. I can feel your excitement through your post!

Cindy at LottieBird said...

Wasn't it great?!

(and I am another Southerner, albeit a transplant, that has a wood burning fireplace)

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