Field Trip Friday!!

Hey guys!!  Well, it's Spring Break week here in Georgia.  And boy have we filled our week with "Staycation" activities.  Along with all the Atlanta suburbanites it's felt like!  Crazy crowds everywhere cool to go.  But it's been fun.  Today Mailey and her BFF attended Camp H20 at the Georgia Aquarium.  I know, very cool thing to get to do.  It was a behind the scenes camp including VIP treatment for the new Dolphin show.  They loved it.  And Momma, well she took FULL advantage of the day and hit some fun spots of her own.  And not once did I get lost, have to jump start the van, blow a tire, get towed, or lock my keys in the car!  For those of you giggling right now, there was a story.....just not one I can share here.  There's always a story when it comes to me and a road trip.  So at 8am in Atlanta there is not much open.

But I did make my way over to the Atlantic Station Target.  Man I love a good Target.  I mean, where else could you find such an amazing Anthropologie inspired dress like the yellow one above for a mere $27.99!  (and since I ended up having to wear it all day...the story... and got a zillion compliments and "you got that where?" statements it was a good buy.)   I spent 1.5 hours in Target looking in places I didn't even know existed!  I also scored some fabulous outdoor lights for the Sweetwater 420 Fest.  There are some dark hours during that show and I want my customers to be dazzled when they walk into my tent!!

Next the orange van and I traveled across the city to the Atlanta Gift Market.  I was in need of some findings from Yousef.  And look what I found along the way!!  OOOOOweeeeee!  Beautiful clay flowers.  I have absolutely no idea what I'll be doing with these, but I have them in the bag of tricks for a rainy day.  I also can not ever leave that place without buying a strand of blue beads.  And the dreamy aqua faceted ones now in my possession are too pretty to use.  Yep.
Next stop was Saga Selection.  If you need a neck, or any type of form for that matter (they even have feet...ewwww) they have the best selection.  They also have the clear bags, the tags, the stickers, the well just about everything you need to display and sell jewelry.  I needed some simple necks for the new jewelry.  And these white burlap ones look like they were made for my booth.  So exciting when a plan comes together!
With the need to buy list all complete I had oh, about 4 more hours to kill.  So off I wandered into this and that store, you know, the want stores.  One store I found the sweetest jewelry ever for my booth at The Vintage-Flea.  Since there it doesn't have to all be handmade I can slip a few favorite finds into the mix.  Look at this super duper bike!!!!
There are sample rooms a plenty on the 7th floor.  And of course, I have favorites.  Like Ahn and Ahn.  And no I did not need anther white shirt, but I own it now!  (I could literally wear white tops and jeans everyday of my life)
I showed considerable restraint during this shopping trip to the Mart.  Maybe it was because I was traveling alone, or maybe it was the stuffed closet I stand in everyday, or better yet maybe it's the fact that everything I buy right now I compare to how many gallons of paint it equals.  Because if we get the new house, I'll need about 100.  :)
With the Mart trip under my belt and still 2 hours to go until picking up the girls, I headed back over to the Midtown area....in particular the new Anthropologie.  I had a return to make.  But seriously who can resist a store like that.  I could live there.  If they'd let me.   And since I'd forgotten my receipt, and these glasses were saying, "Jenni....you can wear me to shows and look so cute in the booth because I am Mattie blue".  I bought them.  Oh and the store girls also loved my yellow dress....hehehehe


garden clippings said...

oh my gosh....can I be your field trip buddy some day? sounds like so much fun!!!

Catherine Denton said...

You know how to do Spring Break!
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