May Have Found My Sport of Choice

Not what you expected to see me doing in this blog today, right?
This past weekend William and I were participants in the 4-H State BB Match.  The event was held at our State's 4-H camp at Rock Eagle.  A most impressive camp I must say!!  I won't bore you with all the details and there are more photos here.  But let's just say the other Coaches (Dads) dared me to do the coach shoot.  They jokingly said "Jenni they give awards for the lowest shot too!"  Now, I've shot guns before.  Yep.  But never the Daisy BB gun at the tiny targets.  In fact, I'd never even looked through the sight.  William was not helping the matter either.  He too was joking that I was not going to be ANY good.  Well, let's see:
Yep.  They were all taking back their giggling.  This little blondie did do quite well for herself in the 5 minutes we had to shoot all 10 targets (kids are given a 1min prep period and 10 minutes to shoot)!!  Given William and I were giggling and carrying on so I think given some time and a little guidance I just might enjoy this sport.  And you don't even break a sweat!

But seriously, this is what the match was really about....being the best Coach I can to this amazing little boy. He rocks the prone position....then the rest are all over the board.  We giggle, we fuss, we challenge each other's patience, but it is so worth it.  It's our thing we do together.   With more practice and the determination I know he has in him, he'll do fine next year.  OH, and I should also mention that this sport has written gun safety tests that play a huge role in the overall scoring.  Isn't that cool? 
Guns in waiting above at camp.  Below is a long view of the match.  We had 547 shooters in this Georgia State Match.  There were 7 relays with about 100 firing points being shot at once.  It was an amazing site.  everyone starting at command.  Everyone stopping at command.  Works flawlessly because of the amazing coaching, and by coaches I don't mean coaches like me.....I mean the volunteers like our Coach Chris.   And most of these team coaches don't even have kids in the program but volunteer their time to the sport because they love it.  And what a wonderful gift they give our kids.  William and I can't wait until next season.  We are working on Mailey to join the team too......make a family sport out of it!  So how'd you spend your weekend??


linwood avenue said...

that looks so cool! I bet this is one of the things William will remember most about his childhood :)

Isabel said...

How awesome!!!!What a great memory for the both of you:O)

Theresa (Miss Charlotte) said...

My goodness! You totally rock! My son had no idea that his momma could shoot until this past fall. Yup, it's a fun sport alright. Cheers!

Suzanne said...

I did this with my son in Cub Scouts years ago. It was pretty fun.

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