Sweetwater420 Fest 2011

Show weekends.  Man I love them.  Like big puffy heart love them.  Now there are down sides to doing show, no doubt.  But driving home last night with a car a lot less loaded down than when I left at 7am Friday morning, I was all smiles.  Because this is one of the best jobs ever.  Ever I tell ya.

With a tent full of new products and paintings I was full of anticipation those early Friday morning hours.  The show started at 4:20 Friday PM with visitors coming in herds.  Literally.  It was unbelievable the number of attendees.  And I just have to tell ya, I felt old.  It was a very young crowd.  Young married, young college, that kind of young.  The weather was a little unpredictable that night so I cut my losses and headed out early.  And I am super glad I did because just as I got the last painting in the van it started to storm.  And it stormed ALL night long.  I stayed with some artsy buddies Julie and Gail in Buckhead.  Yes, another reason to love show weekends.  It's like one continuous stream of happiness.
So on the main stage there were bands all weekend long.  The artist market made the perimeter of the lawn area for the main stage.  I'd say there were about 100 vendors.  From gourmet doggie treats, handmade clothing, soaps, candles, jewelry to me and all my goodies there was a little something handmade for everyone.  Even Lily got a handmade goody from this show!  There was a smaller stage with smaller name bands, a comedy tent, children's area, food area, swag bag area and of course tons of beer trucks.  It was sponsored by Sweetwater ya know!  Chandler Park I do believe was "the" place to be this weekend.  Woohooo!
Since this show went into the late night hours lighting your tent was a must if you wanted night shoppers.  I opted for outdoor strung lights and hung them from the center all around the perimeter of my tent.  It was super magical in there!!
 I made some amazing new friends this weekend.  Something about the vendors at this show.....well they were all real happy and easy going.  Debra below who made unbelievable batik dyed clothing I was immediately smitten with.  She called herself and team of peeps helping her the "festival fairies".  And yes they wore wings all weekend, blew bubbles and hula hooped.  Her spirit you were so drawn to......I know we'll be friends forever.
And of course, what's a show weekend without old friends to hang with all day!!  I loved having my Dad and Barbara with me Friday and Saturday,  Sunday Tiffin hung with me and I had surprise visits from Laura, Becky, Michelle, Audrey, Leigh, Heather, Debi, Allison and more!!  It truly was one of the funnest festivals I've ever been a part of.  And for some reason I did not ever feel exhausted or ready to go home(maybe it was the Sweetwater and cupcakes?). 

Now today.......well it's taking all I can to not crawl back under the warm sheets and nap with Lily!  But alas, I've got about 60+ credit cards to call in and some other book work to close out the weekend's sales.  Yes, it was a great weekend for selling!!  And really, not one thing sold better than another. 
New to the display was this amazing Amy Butler fabric.  I loveeeee it!  And how it ties in with the whole look.   I also now have a wonderful mirror, new hanging mannequins and new magnet holder.  More pics here of displays if you want to peek!
So what's next??  I've got some fluffing to do at my booth at The Vintage-Flea and painting to do before Dunwoody Arts Festival which is in 3 weeks!


sydney said...

Wow, Jenni! Are you going to have those flower necklaces at Dunwoody? Or should I place my order now?! Looks great.

Mechelle said...

Congrats on a good show! I was wondering with all of the yucky storms on Friday night.

Beth said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! You guys have the neatest festivals over in Georgia! Makes me want to move there!
Sadly, I won't be at Dunwoody this year and I am going to miss it terribly! But I hope that you have great sales there.
The booth looks fabulous!

Alicia said...

Looks like so much fun! Love those flower necklaces!!!

Isabel said...

Wow the tent looks great and inviting:O) Glad you did great and had fun doing it:O)Love the necklaces:O)

Kerry said...

Wish I could come and see your stall in the flesh. I just love a good market and your stall looks great. It's a buzz absorbing eye candy presented the way you do it and really lifts the shoppers experience I think. Well done.

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