House of Courage

This house was built on courage.  Courage is something must practice on a daily basis.  In fact, sometimes courage is what leads me here to reveal myself  in this blog.  It allows me to persevere through the week moments and face my fears.  This word makes me fearless in creating something from nothing.   It especially opens the doors to new ideas.   Those doors are revealing themselves by the dozens this week.  I am so very thankful that my heart is brave enough to open them and confident enough to keep them open.  I hope to be able to share these with you very soon!


Catherine Denton said...

Your door of courage is gorgeous. Your work is like frozen yogurt topped with Heath bar to me. I can't help smiling when it appears on my screen.
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Alicia said...

You go girl! I am trying drum up some courage myself. I have been focusing on being brave and trying to kick my inner-critic out of the house; whew it is hard work! Every day she is back digging in her heels and we have to go another round.

Cute house by the way!

This Moment said...

I love your creation--the picture is great! Thanks for the boost of courage today.

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