Magnet Love

Like my refrigerator art?  The sunflowers on the left Mailey painted in my afterschool art class and the poster on the right is a favorite find on etsy.    No, I am not doing a post on refrigerator art.  Nah.... Rather look what's holding the beer poster up!

Fresh off the printing press are MAGNETS!!  Woohooo....I am so excited to be offering these.  And man did they turn out great!

There are 50 printed, packed and ready to go for show #1.  Which ironically enough is the Sweetwater 420 Fest.  The irony is that Sweetwater is my favorite beer.  A local Atlanta brew.   Sweet stuff I tell ya!  I hope if you live in the Atlanta area you'll come check these and all the new items I've been brewing up in the studio this week.  It starts Friday, April 15th at 4:20.  hehehe.....


leslie said...

are you doing the Wesleyan Artist Market again this year? hope so, i am a volunteer and would love to see you!

Alicia said...

The magnets are too cute! If you have some left from the show I will get some. Wish I could come to Atlanta.

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