Little Corsage Cuffs

So here's how it went down yesterday.  I was finishing up all my little pieces for The Vintage-Flea booth.  Pricing this, signs for that.  And then I got the itch to work on something totally new to add to the mix.  So I pulled out the ceramic robins behind the cuffs below and attempted to embellish them.  Yeah....didn't work out like I wanted.  Bummer.  And then I remembered the wreaths I saw in blogland Monday.  This artist had fallen in love with the $40 cone wreath at Target that I too had drooled over (it's in that section by the books and stationary...you know that expensive section with the door mats?).  She had made her own using a wreath form and 2 Reader's Digest books.  It was genius....and gorgeous.  So into the garage I went looking for a wreath form.  Dang, packed all that up in my purging for the selling of our house.  So I glanced around and thought, "I wonder if I can make those swirly flowers out of all the fabric scraps I have?  Well that was a yes.  So then I set out to find something to glue them to.  And that's when I unearthed these brassish cuffs that had been tucked away for a "rainy day" project.
And that's when it ALL came together.  Yes, I am so loving these "rainy day projects" that I didn't have to buy a thing to make!!  Little wrist corsages.  Just in time for Mother's Day.  I mean, who doesn't love a little wrist corsage!

Seriously, I puffy heart them.  I am going to buy a headband today and see how they look on that base.  I am thinking Mailey is going to have a new hair accessory!  So they are available at the Flea, but if you want one just email me and I'll send one your way!  They are $22 each.


Catherine Denton said...

Those are so fun and colorful! You seem to make beauty out of nothing.
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Isabel said...

I Love these!!! Cuffs are the only bracelets I can wear too small wrist and this is such a cute idea:O) Thanx for sharing:O)

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