An E-Course

Hey guys!!  So I'm doing something new this summer, taking a painting  E-COURSE!!! It's all a part of this urge inside my creative bones to move forward.  To do new things.  Yep.   I had wanted to take their course the last time they offered it and something inside my head stopped me...you know those whatareyouthinkingspendingmoneyonthatmonster? kept me from signing up.  This time around, for some reason, those monsters are gone!

 I've told a few peeps I'm doing this and their response has been, "you already know how to paint, or their work doesn't look a thing like you."  Well, I do know how to paint.  But as these wise girls said in their opening video, "painting is a process".   And there is always room for growth.  I also think it's important as an artist to step totally outside of your box and explore new genres.  You never know, it could turn a light bulb on in your creative right brain side that had been clicked off for a spell.   So I am off this morning to work on lesson one.  I'd forgotten how much I love an assignment.  Professors used to laugh at how quickly I wrapped my creativeness around the ideas they threw at us.  And my wheels are spinning this morning for their lesson #1.  See ya later in the week!!


Beth HF said...

Me too!!! Last summer I took a "plein air" painting course which is not me at all and made such great art. It's so important to grow. A friend of mine who has shows in Berlin and all over the world (she's quite accomplished) told me once that she tries to take at least one class a year. And that was all I needed to hear....hmmm...I need to find a class!

Jenni Horne said...

I'll be in Virgina Beach in March of 2012. Come take a painting class with ME!!!!

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