Studio Assistants

Let me introduce you to the newest widdle studio assistant:  Graham.  She weighed in at the vet a whopping 12ounces, not even a pound yet.  Yep.  She's widdle all right.  And cries a LOT.  Figuring out each cry has not been easy.  But she loves her horse stuffed animal, her nursing milk, and humans.  She really loves humans.  And wants to love Lily, but Lily is not too kosher with that...yet.  She walks towards Lily all sad faced and crying and Lily just runs away.  I think Graham will break her eventually.  When she stops crying all the time.  Anyhoo....I was working on my first Get Your Paint on assignment here and of course Lily is always on my left side.  Graham got front and center position.  I love my studio.  And all it's 4-legged help.


Bev said...

awww...how precious! but can be a distraction in the art studio! lol!

Kerry said...

Hi Jenni. Your blog has changed! It is looking (even more) lovely. It's such a pleasure to stop by and see what you've been up to. I hope you will share some of your creations from your new art lessons. I am studying art theory a couple hours a week and the extra stimulation does overflow into my other art. It's good to stretch ourselves occasionally.

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