What I'm Lovin' Today

Have you ever had one of those days where you just find joy everywhere you look?  Like bubbling OVER joy?  Well, here in the Horne house we had just that.  And this is what I am LOVIN' today!

First I woke to find this sweet news in my inbox here.  Yes, that's my artwork on the cover of the Birmingham Black& White magazine!!    So giggling and whistling while I worked, I set sights on getting the winter clothes out of my closet.  Yes, I live in the south with literally a 100' heat index....and I still have the velvet and wool hanging in my closet.  Geesh!  I am a meticulous cleaner outer to say the least.  So first out are all the shoes.  And look what I realized was hanging out on my husband's side of the closet?

There's nothing I love more than a hot man in boots and a suit.  And that is my Billy's uniform for work.  Ummmhmmm.  I guess I never realized how many pairs he actually had though.  Scary thing, I've got just as many!!  And all mine are vintage.    So now I am lovin' MY side of the closet.  We share.....his was already clean.  And yes, I put my clothes in color order.  Artsyfartsy, right?

So I find that once I clean one area, it kind of carries over into another area. Which was the rest of the house it turns out. Including a purse. Which had this envelope in it. I am really loving this tag line which Delta has no lie, trademarked. I am thinking that life comes together at my kitchen table, not necessarily in a bank.  But I like the thought.  So now it's on my fridge.

So next up was the kitchen table that well, like I said above, life seems to comes together there and it was a mess.  I unpacked some sweet purchases from the Vintage-Flea and forgot that I'd bought this amazing blue compote!  It's as crystal blue as my son's eyes.  LOVIN' it.  And now it holds all my jewelry pliers.  Because it is much more fun to work when you have your tools in pretty dishes.
 Speaking of sparkly blue eyes.....I could not love the little man below more today....or be more proud.  His 11U team won their tournament tonight!!  We've played travel ball one year and have never gotten past 3 games.  This time they were rocking the field.  And as mentioned above, the heat index is 100' at least.  So I can not imagine the heat this little man felt in those catching pads.  He caught the entire winning game though without complaining.  Goodness I love to watch him play.  Oh, and they got...get this....not trophies for winning but a championship ring!!  Like a little super bowl ring.  So cute.  They were over the moon about it! 

So right now it's a quiet house, a quiet clean house that is.  It's always nice to start your week off that way, right?  And I am about to tuck myself in with this book I am lovin' reading right now.
So guys, what are you loving right now?


julie king said...

i've not been able to get into the series of books that you are reading. i've tried the first one a couple of times and get bored. maybe i just need to plow on until it gets good. your thoughts? i'm lovin my cat willow resting on my lap, the warm june breeze blowing in my window and knowing i'll get to dig in the garden tomorrow and hopefully harvest some microgreens and spinach!!

Contessa Kris said...

I'm loving spontaneous art. I'm working my way through a whole month of art, daily art. I'm trying not to overthink anything i work on and so far, I'm loving it all. By the way, I thought of you a few weeks ago. I was in Fayetteville at mom's house and there was an art fair on the courthouse square. An artist/girl was there from Newnan. I almost walked up to her and asked, 'Do you know Jenni Horne' but I felt silly doing that. Wish it had been you and we could have met.

Amy said...

My friend just had a baby and I am loving that.

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