Savannah and Back

Savannah and back in 4 days.  With 23 other people.  17 of which were under the age of 10.  Yes, 10 years of age is what I wrote.  It was truly an amazing trip.  Amazing. In the previous post I said I was really not looking forward to the trip, and honestly it was for selfish reasons. But over the course of the 4 days I watched in wonder as these special little girls became Girl Scouts, no longer Brownies.  We exposed these girls to things they may never be exposed to ever again in their lifetime.  The activities chosen were not over the top, but meaningful.  They visited the birthplace of Girl Scouts.  They got to ride a trolley car, a ferry boat, a river boat, and a horse drawn carriage.  They ate Moroccan food with their hands while watching belly dancers.  They ferried across the Savnnah river and back with the moonlight in their eyes. They visited a graveyard and threw pennies on graves for good luck.  They rode a boat on the Bull River while dolphins waved hello.  Were dropped off by this boat to a deserted island in the middle of the ocean and spent a day  with nothing but squeals of complete joy in the water and sand.  They took a carriage drawn ghost tour through the 2nd most haunted city in the USA.  They climbed 178 stairs to the top of the Tybee Island light house.  They swam in the Atlantic Ocean til dark.  They ate seafood at a shack with 17 of their best friends while the salt spray tangled their hair.  They visited Outland center and got to pet a rather robust opossum.  And they built a file of memories to last a lifetime in their sweet little heads.  And so did I.
 I didn't take my Canon along this trip, just my Ipad, and the Instagram app.  These are my favorites I took on the trip by far.  There is something magical in that city.  And calming to my heart.  I am back rested, yes...crazy right?  And not as anxious about some things that are around the corner.  Although I do have HUGE things going on.  Did you see my facebook message????   For today, I've finished up and awesome art camp, am about to shut down the computer and head out with the kids.  Not sure where yet.  But that's not so important today.  Just the being together is.  See ya back later in the week where I shed light on the FB news. 

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