A Weekend For Photos

"There is love embedded in the subtle simplicity of everyday.  Don't overlook its gentle magic.  It's lifes gift.  Take it.  Let it charm you."....from BE INSPI(RED) by Hallmark

So here is a little photo journal of our weekend.  No, we didn't head off to a 5* resort this time, but rather a simple, yet magical stay on Lake Logan Martin.  We enjoyed the simple life on the lake as a family.  Even Lily came along for a little sun soaking.  And I am pretty sure we made some memories that will last a lifetime.  Yes, we were charmed this weekend by lake water, foamy blue floats, tasty cool drinks, Grandparents and a long morning boat ride in the vintage Feathercraft where the water looked like a mirror.   So enjoy my photo blog.   I hope you take the time this summer to find some gentle magic as well.  Even if it's just turning on the sprinkler and running through it just like you did as a child.  Because sometimes it's the simplest of memories than last a lifetime.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I've hired a new studio assistant.  His name is Graham.  Yes, his cuteness is beyond words.  He and his 2 brothers helped to foster a little of the magic this weekend.  And flooded me with the most amazing memories of my childhood with our kitten Wonderwoman.  Like I quoted, sometimes you just need to allow yourself the opportunity to be charmed.


Isabel said...

Awesome pictures!!! Looks like you had a great time:O) Love the new kitty:O) have a great week:O)

Angie Traunig said...

Yay kitten! They are totally irresistible aren't they? :)

Melissa I. said...

Ok, Jenni, I see some new paintings coming out of those photos! MOST DEFINITELY!!

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