Girl Scouts and Savannah

Did you know that Savannah, Georgia was the birthplace of Girl Scouts?  So guess where I am right this second?  Yep.  In Savannah with Mailey's Girl Scout Troop.  We've got 24 with us.   I wasn't particularly looking forward to this trip, I have to be honest.  Lots of girls to keep up with, a leader that wigs out a bit about keeping up with those lots of girls, and lots of girls without Mommies, MILES from home.  They are ages 8-10 by the way.  I said they were really too young to enjoy and appreciate this trip.  We should wait.  I was out voted.  Sigh.  So be thinking about me, and the 23 others with me.  That we return safely on Sunday....and that I have a little better attitude.  I know it's going to be fun, I LOVE Savannah.  And we are doing some really cool stuff.  (I'm writing this before I go BTW, love that feature in blogger)  Like a Ghost Carriage tour, dinner at a belly dancing place, shark tooth hunt on Bull River, touring the Juliette Gordon Low House (founder of Girl Scouting), and more.  So yes, we are going to enjoy ourselves.  I'm going to focus on making this a memorable trip for Mailey so that years from now she still says to me, "Mom, remember when I was 9 and we went to Savannah with troop 10322?"  "Yes Mailey, I do"


Philosopher Arrnica said...

Cool :)

Isabel said...

I always wanted to be a girl scout, my mom was too strict, so its great that your daughter will have these wonderful memories:O) Hang in there!Have fun in Savannah:O)

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