Linky Party With Homework

Today I am participating in a link party.  I've only done one of these before, and not really sure I am doing it right, but this summer my goal was to step out of my comfort zone and place Jenni Horne Studios out in cyberland.  Yep....now wadding through this water is not always easy.  But sweet Carolyn's blog is such a lovely place to start!!

So we have to show something we've made on our blog and link it to hers.....and well, I make a ton of stuff.  So choosing was not easy.  But since I'll be teaching this project in Portland at Art & Soul, I thought it be a great one to share.  And besides, I just love this project.  I find that when you share from the heart, it shows and it's contagious, right?

So enjoy the project and the links my new blog friends!!   And thanks for coming to the circle today.  I hope to see you again real soon.


artteachergirl said...

Awhhh I love that project! It reminds me of one my mama used to do years ago. She used flowers that she dried, store bought birds and embroidery hoops. We sold a ton of them at arts and crafts shows back in the 80s. She had her flower crafts and I had my watercolor prints...we made a good pair. Proud of you for joining the linky party...I don't do many, but they are fun. Best, Vicki

Kerri said...

so, so CUTE!!!!

Carolyn said...

Thank you so much for linking to my link party. It's a first for both of us. My first link party and your "sort of" first link up. Yay! I just adore your project. I was so touched that you wrote about the party in your post. A big thank you.

Hope to see you Tuesday for the next party.

garden clippings said...

I thought I was the only one making some changes to my blog. Wow....looks great!

susan said...

LOVE your facelift!

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