Her Painted Word

Do you ever find yourself sitting at the computer in front of an artist's piece you absolutely can NOT take your eyes off of?  Well, that was me, a few weeks ago in this amazing artist's etsy shop.....

Danielle Fraser and I met during Flying Lessons, I think, right Danielle?  Anyhoo, I find myself not being the best blog hopper and keeperupper with what's going on out in cyberworld.  Yes, I stay in the Jenni bubble.  Not so good.  If I want people to see me, I have to be an active participant in the procedure.  I know this.
So, this summer I decided it was time to get out of the bubble.  While in twitter recently I saw Danielle's adorable profile picture (yes, that is how I judge peeking into your twitter file) and remembered her.  But her work has evolved over the year since we first met.  She always made lovely spiritual paintings of young women, but before they had very different eyes.  Now she's painting what I call soulful eyes.  Like you could see for miles in the eyes of these women.  I was smitten I tell ya.  And had to have one.  Like I said, I stared for a long spell.  Totally smitten with her total collage/paint technique.  The eyelids are collage!  Puffy heart.

I particularly loved the ones that referenced the mother-daughter, since I have one of those by my side.  But Danielle's figures tend to have dark hair, like hers.  So I convo'd her and asked if she could paint over the dark hair by chance.  She politely replied no, that is was varnished.  Hmmm...Well then could you make me a custom one?  Low and behold this girl got my painting ready in like a week!  She lives in Canada where come to find out they are in the middle of a postal delivery crisis.  Could you imagine if our US Post office went on strike????  We'd all be loosing more than sales that's for sure!

So here are the lovelies that came in my package.  I freaked out over the one above, the mother with all the birds on her arms.  Man, I love that painting!!!!  I have it posted on my bookcase for inspiration.  So she has a lovely website, blog where she tells the tale of living an artful life, etsy shop and more!!  You must pop over and tell her hi!  And tell her Jenni sent you. 


Sabrina said...

It's wonderful when you find work that inspires you like that. That's how I felt when I found your paintings. They are so happy, and calming. Thanks for an intro to another fantastic artist!

nacherluver said...

What a fun artist and great artwork! Thanks for sharing her.

This Moment said...

I love the backgrounds on her paintings--so beautiful! Thanks for sharing her work.

danielle said...

Dearest and sweetest Jenni,

Thank-you kindly for such a lovely tribute. It totally warmed my heart to read your words this morning. I will be sure to share this post and your work with my peeps later this week. I feel so honored to have my work in your company and to have been part of such a beautiful mother-daughter duo.

Danielle xox

Creatissimo said...

A really lovely work! I'm slow in blog-hopping too, but I hope I'll come to the end of the list one day ;). It's sooooo great to connect with Flying lessons creative friends and get inspired.

Kerry said...

It's funny hearing you so enthusiastic about Danielle's work, that's how I feel about yours. Fresh, happy and meaningful. Also very clever. I love that it just keeps on evolving and you come up with new things all the time. I have been admiring this artist for her messy but funky look and thought you might enjoy a look too.

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