Amy Butler Midwest Modern Contest

I know I said I'd be on an island this next week....but an island is much more fun with friends, don't you think?? And besides I HAD to share my contest entry's for Amy Butler's Midwest Modern fabrics. Only one rule, use the Modern line of her fabulous fabrics. Any pattern, any design. So I made these: This is "Amy". I love her little crossed legs. They just really wanted to be that way, so I let them.
Here are Amy and David. And yes, I am going for some brownie points because Amy's husband is David. I just had to. had to........The contest ends on Tuesday. I can't wait to hear if they've won. I'll be sure to let you know!


Lori said...

Good luck! The crossed legs are so cute and I love how long they are.

Meda said...

Hi Jenni.
I found your blog through Stampington. I really loved your artwork and the way you share your creative process so I had to read ALL your posts. It took me 3 days but it was really worth it.

Shannon said...

You should call her "Amy, waiting for the loo" :)

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