New Work to Show Off!

I've been working for several days now on some new smaller pieces. I've been combining texture, acrylic and collage all on one piece. And although it is a process of cutting, pasting, drying, waiting, painting, drying again, filling lines, etc....It produces a look I am very pleased with! (Although not so easy to photograph!) This is called Morning Walk. I love the vertical layers on the very bottom. All 5 of the bottom layers are supposed to represent the layers of the earth.

And this one is Walking Towards My Heart. I really love the play on all the textures and colors. I've got one more on the table that needs finishing up. I will probably be cleaning the art desk up for the rest of the week at this point once it's done. I've got to get labels made, jewelry on cards, tiles in frames, etc. All building up to this weekend. I like to be super organized because there is no night before setting up. It's an early Saturday morning for Valerie and I! Have a great week!

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