Just When I Wanted to Cry....

So today, I had one of those moments when I just wanted to throw up my hands and say *@#&^ this! Yep. The glass half full girl has had enough. Want to know the short list? Well, even if you don't here it is. Just gotta get it out of my system:
1. started to feel the left ear twinge on Saturday...huh....surely not an ear infection this week
2. car wouldn't start on Sunday....it was the battery
3. ear is in full ragin', hurtin', stick an ice pick in it form by Sunday PM
3. on Monday 2 tires on car won't stay inflated...not fixable, need new ones
4. mean time ear is still most painful and the whole head is beginning to spin
5. got a shot in the arm and a q-tipish thing shoved into my ear to make it all "better"
6. my framer called this afternoon and says, "When again do you need those frames? Is Friday too LATE?" why yes, it will be.....I'll already be at the SHOW.
7. head spinning again and can not hear out of left ear, period. maybe it's a good thing at this point. fever comes and goes in time for me to teach 20 little cuties how to make clay nests with Mommy birds in them (that was the saving grace part of the day for me. I had 3 kids say how much they loved my hair! Awwww...)

Okay, that's it and should I remind you that it is only Tuesday at 5PM. I suppose now that it is in writing, and I've read the short list, it's not that bad. But you know when you are sick, everything is worse than it really is. And just when I thought about throwing in the towel and going to bed so tomorrow could come that much sooner and that much better (ever the optimist!), I started looking through old pictures and found these:

Oh my goodness she was/is cute. I just have to say that because look at her.... Polka dot bikini was a favorite, always a doll in hand, undies, the umbrella and rain boots...on a sunny day....now that's something to laugh about. And when I really just want to cry, I just can't while looking at this. It simply makes me smile.
One day she will kill me for these. But today, she reminds me to find joy at the end of every storm. sigh.....sniff....sniff.....
Thanks for letting me vent. I'll be back later with a new cake topper for my lovely Laura I finished up this morning. I love weddings......


The Vintage-Flea said...

aaauuwww.. Boo Boo needs a hug. Or a stiff Margarita!! Hope you feel better.- Yang

carrie perry said...

Sounds like the makings of a good ol' fashion country song! And, boy oh boy have I had those days one too many times! This is why God gives us children--soft and gentle reminders:)

Shannon said...

I hope you feel better. I hate earaches! :(

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