Etsy Shop Updated!!

This morning I decided to go ahead and put into my Etsy shop some of the newest members of my felted bird family. So go here now to check it out! Also, PapernStitch, a curated online shop I participate in, has a TOTALLY new amazing look. You've just got to check out the talent here. I hope you've had an amazing three day weekend. We went to visit my sister, Grandmother, aunt and uncle in South Alabama. It was nice to get away for the weekend, but now I have got to get back to the grind. I did however make what I am now calling the "car art studio" and get lots of beautiful new felted flowers made with a new pattern. I'll be showing those off as soon as the pin backs get attached (I forgot those for the studio!) See you soon!

1 comment:

Lori said...

I love your little birds- they are unbelievably adorable.

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