A Little Pincushion Happiness

I know I've talked about my Mailey Grace before. She's a little different, the way her mind works that is. There's something magical going on in her little head at all times I've decided. And the following projects are just another example of what I am talking about!

So here's the story.......Sunday during Sunday School I was teaching her class an art lesson (yes, we have art at church. super cool!). We'd finished our lions and I had asked them all to draw their version of Daniel in the Lion's den with the angel. Kids dove right in and were just a drawing the CUTEST lion's ever. Something about children's drawings before they hit the age of "I can't", or "It doesn't look right" almost makes me want to cry it's so cute! But Mailey, she was over in my bin getting out the Styrofoam bowls and working away on the floor. "Mailey, what are you doing, please follow the rules with the class I am thinking in my head." But instead I observe and simply ask, "Whatcha making?" "A pin cushion for Gammy. She loves pincushions." Alrighty then. Did not know that about Gammy. Make away. And here it is:Then later that night after I was pooped from the two-day art show and trying to get everything unpacked and unloaded, I find Mailey dragging out my enormous felted wool bin. "Mailey, whatcha doing?" "I'm going to make Gammy another pincushion. Gammy loves pincushions." Alrighty then, make away. And this time, with a little help from Mommy, she made this:
Yep, you can say it. It's beyond sweet and cute and adorable. And Gammy will love it. Except that she may not get it because I want to keep it for myself.

So a little pincushion happiness around these parts on Sunday. Like I said, something magical is going on in her head at all times. Have a great Wednesday! Oh, and for those of you who watch the news, I do live in an area that is being greatly affected by the rain. The flooding is something I have never seen before. Our home is on very high ground, but others in our community were not so fortunate. So please say a prayer for these so close to our little home.

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Courtney said...

Cute! Stay dry over there in ATL. Love the new blog profile pic.

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