Flower Power

Okay, the post title is a bit cheesy, I'll admit, but it's Saturday am and I am trying to gear myself up for a morning at the baseball and football fields. I'm packing the flower power up with me to work on during the approximately four hours of sports spectatorship. I don't sit still very well, and since Norcross Arts Fest is now 7 DAYS AWAY! Yipeeee! Every hour counts. Here are my flowers for this season: You can wear them on your blouse, in your hair, on your raincoat, on your purse, anywhere you want to brighten your outfit up a bit! They are made out of this amazing wool, most of which is hand dyed. I made my own little pattern up for this season's flower. Just love them!! And at $15 each, they are sure to be a great seller.
We look a bit washed out, don't you think? Well, it was raining this day...remember? This is my mother, Nancy. Official worker bee during the rain. Well, hoping you all have a creative weekend!

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carrie perry said...

Oh, you're mom looks great! Please say hello to her for me!!

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