Handmade Wedding Cake Toppers

I started making little wedding cake toppers this summer when my best friend from childhood opened Wedding 101 in Nashville. She'd asked me to make a few for them to sell in the retail portion of their store. Of course, I had to make one extra just see how it did in my own little etsy shop. And so far I've had 3 ordered! Yipee! This one is for the lovely Laura. She messaged me last week asking if I could change a few things on the one in the shop and have it to her for her wedding this weekend. Better yet, I made a whole new one, just for her! And of all things, she lives here in Atlanta, so on Friday I get to hand deliver it to the blushing bride.

So if you are in need of a special cake topper, even for a birthday, let me know! I'd love to make it for you!
PS....I am feeling a little better on the personal end, my frames are ready. Yeah!

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