Where Have you Been this Week?

I just realized that my last blog posting was Monday. Tisk..tisk. I love to blog alot usually. SO... where have I been this week? OH YEAH, Art Walk is next Friday night, September 18th, in Downtown Newnan. I'll be one of the artists on display at the fabulous Vintage-Flea. So I've been painting a lot. But there's more, I temporarily lost my sanity and decided to do a two day show September 19th and 20th in Peactree City. It's called Shakerag Festival. A super fun little show. I'll give location to that next week. For now, I am trying to doggy paddle my way through the new paintings, and get all my printed products ready. So why are you rambling about all this you say? Well, it's just my way of saying I may be absent a bit from blogging......I just may be on an island for the next week. I am not a last minute or under pressure person. So off to rework the SMART goals. They will need to be less SMART and more get it done goals. Here's a sneaky peaky at my new look for you. I am working on more collage and acrylic on canvas. I also tried one today with collage, acrylic and texture. Ooooo...I am liking it. Hope you've all had a great week!


linda said...

Your collage and acrylic piece is so beautiful! Everything matches perfectly and I love the bright colors. Happy happy! Have fun with all the shows, must be very exciting :P

Lori said...


Beth HF said...

I love the colors.....I want to move into this little airstream!

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