I Love the Rain....

I just love it when it rains. The sound of it hitting the roof, the trickle down the spouts, the little drops of water left behind on my bushes, the glisten it makes on the landscapes, the smell. Yep.... I like the rain when I can curl up on the couch and leave the front door open to hear the sounds, nature becomes so quiet outside when it's raining I've noticed. I DO NOT like the rain however when I am participating in an Art Show that I have prepared weeks for and haven't slept good in nights because I am so excited about it! Oh, poor Jenni you say, it rained. Let me tell you something blog readers. IT RAINED ALL DAY....seriously it rained for like 10 hours straight. I got up at 6:30am, left the house around 7am, drove through the rain to find it raining where the show was, unloaded in the rain, set up in the rain, sat in the rain during the show, and then guess what, at 6PM, like clockwork, it stopped. Yes-sir-eee-bob. At the end of the whole thing. Laugh if you want.......I was. Well, not really. See here, rain (okay maybe not so much....but it was there I promise you!) However, there is always an upside with me. Mom, Ellie and I set up the tent, new grids and table Friday when it was not raining. So this morning I just had to unload inventory and set it all into place for the droves of buyers I was expecting . I was able to drive right up to my tent and unload. And since I have a mack daddy awesome tent, I was able to set up dry as Barbie on her sunning deck. I was a happy camper....at this point in the day.

It looked great. I love the whole look. I have to pat myself on the back for the booth magic, it is there to be had for sure! I know where I need to add inventory though for Norcross Arts Fest in two weeks, and that's mainly paintings. Where are they all I thought? So I'll be painting the next week since nothing else sold....man bummer.
Doesn't look like it was monsooning does it? Well it was. If you'd thrown me a bar of soap I could have lathered up real nice. At one point my trusty helper Mom and I looked down and our feet were under water.
Oh these little treats were so ready to go home with happy owners today.

Well, tomorrow is another day. And according to the weather man it will be much like today. Well sugar. I packed all my inventory up into my car for fear of it totally wilting and warping. I've made an executive decision that if it is raining in the am I will go and sit in my car behind the tent for one hour. And then call it quits if I can't get out of the car without getting wet to the bones. Hey, I just can not risk loosing the hundreds of dollars in art, frames, jewelry, etc.......especially with two weeks until Norcross. So, lessons learned, and I'll be fine. Just very disappointed right now. sigh......
I have to give a big shout out to my Mom who hung out with me all day and ate foot long corn dogs, iced cookies and drank lots of Starbucks with me. It was nice to do nothing.....since I rarely EVER do that. So I guess not all was lost. And I met some really cool girls beside me. And since we were all little wet doggies set out in the rain together it made it fun. Oh and kudos to Ashley the director of the show for keeping her little head on without pinching someone else's off in the meantime. She was wet to the very core of her being, running here and there. Trying to help those who had rivers running through their tents, and practically blaming her for the rain. Yeah, like she wanted it to be like that. Ha. She was such a trouper I tell ya!! Well, I'm off to dreamland now. I am sure visions of water will be prominent in my dreams tonight!
PS I think I am no longer going to paint umbrellas. I think they brought some of the bad luck today.


John, Anna & Rebecca said...

Wanted to make it out to the festival but it is a big drive from where we are (L'ville). I am excited to see you will be at the Norcross festival again!!! That is when I picked up your card and started to follow your blog. =)

The Vintage-Flea said...

Rain Rain go away, come again another day.. hopefully it will be better today. I'll stop by and say hi.- Valerie

Anonymous said...

Jenni, I stopped by your booth in the rain on Saturday, and LOVED it. Love, love, loved every single thing. Keep up the *beautiful* work!

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