I'm Giddy with Anticipation!

So have you ever felt so much anticipation that you could bust? Well that's me today. Because last night, or maybe it was really early this morning, I woke up and decided that yep.... I'm going to do it! Yipeeeee!! What you ask? Apply to be an instructor at Art and Soul in Portland, Oregon for 2011.
Now I know it seems like ages away, and perhaps I won't even be accepted, but there has been an underlying urge in my creative journey to share lately. Since being published in Somerset Life I've had an overwhelming response...people have emailed me their stories of inspiration and their stories of overcoming hurdles to create after seeing my work. Last night in particular I had a very personal email from someone about my art and how they were inspired to try again. So of course this was on my mind as I slept. So when I woke at the weee hours this was my thought process on the matter.
I think people are drawn to different types of art for various reasons. My work is very simple. I know that. It's what is in my heart to paint. At vendor night in Las Vegas several people asked me this very question, "How do you know what to paint?" And seriously I can't answer that in simple words. It's just in me. Does that make sense at all?
So what am I going to be teaching? I have to mull this over a bit more. But in Lisa Kaus's workshop series I noticed that the common thread was her technique, the subject just changed. In fact I used my own subject in her class. I do have a unique technique with the texture....my problem is drying time. I have been working on a new technique though using Golden paste instead of joint compound. It dries faster and could work. I have to work all those kinks out before applying obviously. I just was so excited when I woke that I wanted to share....and possibly get some feedback on if you were to take a workshop with me, what would you like to learn? Because I think one of the biggest common questions I am getting in emails and through contact is basically how do you find the subject....how do you know what to paint? So maybe I need to work on the idea of guiding you towards finding your own creative voice. There are a lot of workshops out there where you leave with a clone of the artist's own work. I am not sure if that really helps you to find your own voice, although it does allow you a chance to explore your creativity. Like in the class I took with Lisa I LOVE that everyone created something so different in subject matter, we were just using all the same materials. Anyhoo....I have some things to mull over, and perhaps will ask your opinion again. Living where I do we do not have a large community of crafters (not that I know of anyways and I've been teaching 14 years in this area more fine art skills than things like at Art and Soul). In fact, while having coffee with some creative friends the other day we decided that our area is more artsy snobs. What? Yep I said it. It's all about fine art, large price tags and fancy galleries. I yearn for a slice of just good old making art for creative sake and not having to worry about what the gallery wants. OK...tangent for another day. Sorry about that. So feel free to comment your thoughts on what you'd love to learn. I know that teaching is at the core of my creative journey. I just can't help it. I love to try new things and am never afraid to say this is not for me! But at least I try and know in the end that it is my authentic self that made the effort.


Lisa Kaus said...


PiecesofD said...

How cool is that!!! I so envy you in this. Of course I have yet to publish, so who knows when I'll get to teach something. I was interviewing for another position in my agency Friday and one of the questions was, "If you won the lottery and didn't HAVE to work any longer, what would you do?" I've known the manager of the position for about 14 years, so she knew what my answer was going to be. She is one of my biggest customers (several art dolls, a pastel painting and a collage). I told the interview panel that I would love to combine my knowledge of the environment and ecology with my art and teach. I love the fact that kids (and adults) can learn so much about something while creating... and vise versa. So as I said before... I really envy your opportunity. Congratulations!

Pamela Holderman said...

OK I love the idea of finding your own voice - that is what we all struggle with and need. That is what a great teacher should point a student towards. I am attending art fest for the second year in a couple of weeks. Would love to have you teach there too! Please?

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Cindy at LottieBird said...

oh, this is exciting!

Let's see, what would I NOT want to have you teach me?

I love the idea of creating what is inside. I have been trying to figure out what my creative dreams are. I started reading a book about Making my Creative Dreams Real and the first exercise is to state my creative dream. I came to a complete dead stop when I read that. And I am stuck there. I put the book on my shelf and will come back to it later.
Until then, I plan to try lots of different things so I can think outside of the box I have created for myself from creating to sell.

I would love to have a class where I could play with different mediums--like a kid in art class. What would pudding painting bring out in me? Macaroni necklaces? Snowflakes? How do I find my calling?

That may be a lot to ask of one class!

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