A Little Brownie Smile......

This weekend my daughter Mailey and I are headed to Camp Meriwether with 19 other little girls and their Mommies for our first Brownie camp experience. We are beyond excited. Tonight we finished packing literally everything but our kitchen sink. You see.......I am a cooking "kaper". And let me tell ya, kaper is not a yummy spice for cooking but rather a fancy Girl Scout word for "chore". Yep. I'm cooking breakfast with my new buddy Jenny (no not my multiple personality, but another Jen) AND dinner. I've packed pots, pans, utensils, sponges, can opener, knives, oven gloves, timers, tongs, bowls, serving platters, skillets, surge strip, two coolers of food and beverages (unfortunately no adult beverages), 75 sausage links, 5 dozen eggs, 5 pds brown ground beef, Ragu, bread, 6 pds of noodles, 2 gallons of OJ, 3 gallons of tea, salad, salad dressings, bananas a monkey would kill for, cheese, coffee pot and ALL the essentials for that and more!!! Now I've been to this camp site. And we are in cabins, and there are bathrooms. But we are eating and cooking under a pavilion on Coleman propane stoves. And washing dishes in Rubbermaid tubs. Yes, please laugh and then wish me luck! This is our troup at Christmas. They are the cutest stinkin' group of eager girls. I am not totally sure about the agenda other than when I am cooking, but I've been told we are definitely making smore's, canoeing, tie dying, and making lots of crafts. Woooowhooo! Of course, I kind of wish we were camping in one of these:
So unplugged for the weekend...can I do it? Yikes. Even have to leave my Nook at home. Double yikes. I may be up all night with the crickets. Can't wait to share my photos when we return Sunday afternoon! Have a fabulous weekend! I am sure we will!!

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Ludid said...

it's been a long time since i've been camping and it sounds like so much fun. have a great time with Mailey.

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