A Note From the Teacher

So this is a side of me I forget to share sometimes. I tend to blog about me, me, me. But I do teach and Tuesday afternoon was one of those days when I remember exactly why it is that I teach. So we've been working on a Tuscan landscape. I printed off the internet a rather cheesy typical Tuscan hillside (you've ALL seen it before in the hotel lobby) that I cropped into a long skinny landscape for our inspiration piece. Each child was given an 8"x24" piece of birchwood for the base. As a general rule I lead the class in the beginning on the white board. I like to draw the basic lines and shapes and have them follow along. When the demo is done I will walk around and offer assistance if needed. I have a very strict policy that my hands stay off their work. It's very hard sometimes....for them that is...they are like, "can't you just draw it for me?"...but I find if I guide them through words, they get an "ahha" moment and take lead. So this was a favorite. She totally took liberty with the color, and secretly it was my favorite. Love the orange and purple sky. This past Tuesday we added oil pastel details. Instead of adding simple windows like the sample, she added an elaborate staircase, red door, blue curtains and more. When I asked her about it she said very matter of factly,. "Who would want to live in a house if you can't get in it?" Oh my goodness. And she's 6. In fact all the little artists who made these paintings are 6, 7 and 8. Wow. I know. Love these kids.
I have a feeling we had happy parents that day. I know I was super proud of their skill levels. So next week they are being rewards with clay.....and not only clay, but they get to make whatever they want. Oh the fun we'll have!

Ok, so for me.....I've been playing around with some techniques learned at Art and Soul. Don't they look yummy above? And below.....they are all anxiously awaiting some paint and collage. That's next week's agenda. For now, I'll leave you guessing as to what they will become!


PiecesofD said...

Your students are very talented... Their paintings are lovely...

Pamela Holderman said...

Oh these are wonderful! I may have to borrow the idea for my after school art students. love those 5-8 year olds and their wonderful ideas!

Cindy at LottieBird said...


I need my Olivia to take one of your classes!

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