New Work off to Birmingham

When I meet my Dad at Scott's today he'll be getting a box of goodies to take back to Birmingham for me. Vero requested some new paintings, garden art and jewelry. For the garden I made 10 metal sap buckets with giant flowers on the front for your front door or fence. Super cute. Several of the wall pieces are here: "This is the American Dream"
"Now I am Quite Happy"

"Little White Wishes"
"In the Winter Buds"

I've been asked by email by several people lately where to buy my originals. I've never really been a good etsy artist. tisk....tisk......My originals tend to either be at one of my two galleries or in a pile to go to a show. So here are the links for the two galleries if you are interested in an original painting: The Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham, AL and The Studio Gallery in Grayton Beach . Both are willing to ship to you! And upcoming shows you can always find on my sidebar. They tend to be in the Atlanta area. I do hope to meet some of you one day though! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


Ludid said...

i would love to see a picture of your metal buckets; they must be adorable. your paintings are so refreshing. enjoy your weekend.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

HAPPY BELATED for Yesterday!
I'm up there too with you and my Birthday is JUST around the corner...aaaahhhhh...
I love your American Dream Caravan...your work is BRILL!
HUGS and enjoy your Birthday weekend.

PiecesofD said...

Love the American Dream pieces! That is my dream... to retire to an RV and travel the US with my favorite seasons. I just absolutely adore the Little White Wishes! I would also really love to see the garden/yard art that you made! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and a very enjoyable visit with you dad.

Julie Lynn Ivens said...

beautiful work!

Amelia said...

hi - glad I found your blog! Lovely work. Thanks for the mail. Keep in touch and I will let you know how it goes and maybe another time . . . .


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