My Car Does not Define Me?

So you've heard that before right? My ......does not define me? I've been telling myself this for several years now, "My car does not define me." You see, from the day I turned 16, until the day I turned 38, the car I drive unfortunately does say a lot about me. When I turned 16 my parents wrapped up the keys to the adorable creamy 320i BMW 2 door in the driveway. Yep. And that statement would be.....spoiled 16 year old. A year later, I fell in love with a Jeep CJ-7. And two years later, a Mercedes, year later a Jeep Wrangler, two years later a new Pathfinder. After marriage it was a sporty Saturn 2-door, white cabriolet convertible, teal Infinity J-30, gold Chevy Tracker and then.....the mini-van. The mini van. The red Dodge caravan mini van. That was generously given to us by my husband's parents when we were having the not so good financial days and really needed a family car. Since 2006 I've driven this van. And secretly I loved it. Shhhhh..... I started covering the boo-boos with fabulous sticker graffiti. My goal was to fill the back window. (There's also an O crap magnet back there. Get it? I am Republican, remember?)
So the hubcaps.....they sorta fly off when you run over things, did you know that? BTW, there's another one is missing too. hehehehe....

The peeling started a year ago.....now that's not my fault. The top of the van is completely peeled at this point. And there's a piece of black rubber loose on the roof rack that swings around in the wind and makes fabulous music as you drive down the road. And the wheels when you turn right sound like a heavy metal bass. It's great. Seriously. I just turn up the music and pray that the noises I am hearing are the beats to the music and NOT another financial scream.
And then it happened. I lost it with my van. The money pit. I added up all the bills from the year and lost it. It was time to give it up. Now, we've not had a car payment in years.
If you've ever read the book about the millionaire next door, you know that they do not own the sparkly new cars.....in fact those with sparkly new cars according to the author are probably in so much debt that they can't see straight. But my children and I were at risk in the red mini-van. So I bought myself a new one.......on Saturday. All by myself too. And I lovvvvvve it. See the paint job can actually reflect amazing landscapes:
And it's ORANGE!!!!! Seriously it is orange. ORANGE! Spicey yummy orange! My favorite color!!! It's of course used, I am responsible now with our money and know our financial limits (let me tell ya, some of those car people are so pushy they could care less about your budgets!). But it's fabulous. So I had to share it with you. Because I knew you'd be happy for me too. And look, it has hub caps. Wow. The little things that make a momma cry.

So here's the nitty....it's a Chrysler town and country. Why is it named that? Guess you can drive in the country or the city and still look fabulous? ha. And my favorite part (other than it makes no weirdo noises) ALL the seats fold into the floor and lay totally flat. So when I do art shows my stuff will fit! Whooooohoooo for the little things that make life easier for the artsy Mom! Anyhoo.....that was my weekend. Buying a new van. And loving it. Anyone up for a road trip now?


Robin said...

Good for you, if I ever see an orange town and country driving around Indiana, I will look for Georgia plates. There are not alot of orange vehicles, I only know of one and it is a custom race car. I found you in Artful Blogging and think your pictures are so colorful and fun. I check back often.


Buying Car said...

Nice Blog. :)

kimhicksartist said...

Very funny because we were just in Arizona for spring break and we rented a van just like the one you bought. We could have chosen a car but the kids were excited about the van. I had sold my van three years ago and bought a smaller vehicle claiming my van days were over......but wow did I love the van and thought I would never hear my self say this but I would definatly own a van of course it would have to be a great colour like yours.

Cindy at LottieBird said...

I really, really wanted an orange minivan when I got mine 3 years ago. I loved the Nisaan color orange, and the way their sky windows made me feel like I was in a convertible. Alas, they didn't make the van in orange.

I have never had minivan pride. I figure there is a good reason for these minivans--they make our lives easier. Like living in the 'burbs. I used to think it was only acceptable to live in a little old cottage in downtown (the downtown of whatever city). But I gotta say, the 'burbs are here for a reason. To make our lives easier.

Someday I will drive a fancy convertible and live in a little cottage (or in a big condo) in the city. But then I will also long to have my kiddos beside me.

Until then, I will open my sunroof and sing at the top of my lungs in my minivan "convertible" as I drive to piano lessons. In the 'burb neighborhood right next to us.

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