On Being Inspired

"INSPIRED..........You open up all windows and you can see forever. The ideas float in and crowd out your worries, your details, and fill you up with words and colors and wings." from the book BE INSPI(RED)

I just love that definition of inspired. As an artist, sometimes my head gets so FULL of potential that honestly I get cranky about it. Seriously. During the surge before I start creating something new I get totally and utterly cranky. And then I create......and create....and explode with energy and complete joy. Especially when the inspiration turns into something so, well good.(everyone should pat themselves on the back every once in awhile. Don't you think?) So do you remember the foamy cupcakes above from a past blog entry? Now look at them: When I returned from Art and Soul, in my bag of creative tricks was fabulous new sculpture technique. (remember my plaster bird cage?) Now, I'll tell you right now this idea is not originally mine. Nope. Stephanie had these bird heads for sale in her vendor night booth and did a quick demo on them during my class, however we did not make them in our class. And they kept crowding my head when I got back. So I made them, my way. It was part of that crankiness....trying to figure out how to make something someone else does and making it my own. I love....love....love the texture. They totally remind me of my paintings!! In fact, I have a new idea crowding my head where I use plaster on the canvas board to acquire the same texture affects. Can't wait to try it!

So I literally have 2 dozen heads. All with different hats, charms and some just plain. They have the cutest personalities already. I may have to keep one, or two!
So this has been what I've been hiding away and creating. They were very time consuming. but well worth it now that they are completed!


Dianne said...

They are sooo cute... Love them...

Cindy at LottieBird said...

Love them.

I looked up some of Stephanie's classes on heart and soul. I need to go!

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