What is Up With My Mood?

Seriously folks, my mood has been less than appealing this past week. I'm cranky, tired all the time (napping, ME napping!), the thought of being in the studio makes me cringe, and the only thing I want to eat are Girl Scout Cookies. Yep. Something has got my goat........So yesterday after working out I decide magazine therapy is in order. I headed over to Books a Million, bought a nice hot latte, and selected everything off the shelves that looked enticing. I literally can escape to magical places while reading artsy magazines. I sip and smile as page after page begins to spark my creative soul. Folks, I am here to tell you there are so many talented people out there, I just get giggly thinking about how they become inspired to make what they do. The last magazine I cruised was the latest Belle Armoire Jewelry. The first article got me all excited with her technique....solder, stamping, texture, loved it. And she mentioned Stephanie Lee in the article. And then another article mentioned Stephanie, and another, and then WHAM! There was a four page article about Stephanie herself. You see, at Art and Soul I was smitten with her jewelry. Really, like can't take my eyes off it smitten. I did take a class with Stephanie, but it was a sculpture class. She offered one on her book Semiprecious Salvage, but it filled before I could afford to register. Bummer. So I took notes from the magazine and made a shopping list. Then Home Depot and three very kind men helped me fill my cart with the needed items. On the list: wood, copper electrical wire, insulation foam, chalkboard paint, file set, and a few other little goodies that may not even get played with yet but I just had to have!

You see, I think this mood was stemming from an angst over where to start. I get like this every time a new creative flow comes into play. Something big must be about to emerge from this little bout of the moody blues.....Part of it is fear of failing, part is wanting to work my own twist into new knowledge. Does that make sense? I learned SO much at Art and Soul, and yet, the past week I've been trying to wrap my own creative voice around this new knowledge so that it becomes mine, and not a replica of Stephanie, Julie or Lisa. Also, I want it to be authentic. Usually I can feel it.....when it's not authentic that is. When it is forced and unatural. Last night I had a vision of a new nest. I love nest jewelry, I do. I don't care how done it's been, I love it. So here's what I made this afternoon with some electical wire, solder and sari ribbon.
I am not so sure about the ribbon's place. I bought this sari ribbon a while back in hopes that one day it would become part of something.
When I picked up the nest off the fire brick under it was this splat of solder. I grabbed my scissors and cut out a heart, then stamped of course, "My Heart is Full" because it is getting there. It is. Especially after what came to the door today.

On our way out the door to baseball practice tonight there was a package propped on the door. It was from Somerset. I was so excited that my paintings from the Somerset Life issue had finally made their way back home. We quickly opened the box and found the two paintings and this issue of Somerset on top. Ok. That's nice of them to send this I thought. But I'm not in this issue.
At least I thought I wasn't. After reading this article I started crying, like really crying. It was the cry that needed to come out for a week now. Knowing I inspired someone to make something really, really made my creative spirit soar. Her words were so heartfelt and humbling.
I am still feeling my way through these emotions and creative hurdles. Today I got off to a nice start though. So will you be seeing a line of jewelry with fiber, this and that? Not so sure. Doesn't feel quite authentic enough.....yet anyways. I rather like the simplicity of my nest with the tag necklaces. I am thinking of using some nests like this with silver tags as well as the brown patinaed ones. I am sure I'll find my way soon though. And hopefully have something special to share.

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Cindy at LottieBird said...

Thanks for sharing, Jenni. It helps me to know I am not the only one who goes through this!

I love the necklaces and the ideas. I think I need to saunter to HD and check some things out. I've got to take the jewelry a little less seriously. Branch out into different materials. Love that you made the heart "accidentally."

Tomorrow I take a PMC class. Never played with that, but always been curious.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

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