My Sleeping Aid

For Christmas my husband bought me one of these:It's a Nook. I really, really love it. I am an avid reader (betcha didn't know that about me!). However, it's only at night that I read because I have a very difficult time going to sleep. I've been this way my entire life. It's the daydreamer in me and the constant creative brain activity that makes it very difficult to get to sleep. Now once I fall asleep, a train could run through the house and I'd not hear it! I am scared to death of sleeping pills. So this is my natural sleeping pill.....a great book. And last night I finished this:
All 1500 pages. Geez louise it was long. But good. I tell you this because I mentioned I was reading Dan Brown to a gentleman who said, "Is that like his 3rd book?" Yeah...NO! He has written several others and in fact one of my favorite books to date is Deception Point. It's about the government. Ooooooo...It's a good one. So if you are having difficulty sleeping put down the Tylenol sleep aid and pick up a good book. It helps the dreams flow and promotes a restful nights sleep!
So today I am hoping the weather holds out for some plastering. I really do not want to dirty up this house I cleaned yesterday. And my body could really use some sunshine. I set up a table in the driveway yesterday for the base of the birds......today they take a little more form....and then I paint and add loads of personality. In Stephanie's class the birds were the most intriguing of the projects to me. Gosh I wonder why? hehehe......So have a great day. Probably won't be back until I finish up some projects to show.

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