Spring Housecleaning

I love to start spring with a house cleaning overhaul. This Saturday marks the official start of Spring. Unfortunately, it's still cold as all get out here in Newnan. Seriously I am so wind chapped on my face and hands that not even the gooey lotion I paid too much for is making the needed repairs. So what's a busy body to do? Well, overhaul the blog and etsy shop!! Notice the new banner? And here's the etsy banner below. I really loved this painting. And just taking a slice of it was enough to make me feel like spring! So what are your spring cleaning habits??

My etsy shop has new prints in it now! whooo...hoooo

Another house cleaning item.....I added a "Follow Me" button with help from sweet Tiffin. So follow me guys and girls......I hope to get us lost. Because the fun is in getting back!


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

GREAT new banners...they really are very Spring like.
Oh...to feel the Sun again and hear the birds cheap.
Have a wonderful week.

Dianne said...

Love the new banners! I revamped my blog (and created another one) too... I'm really not one for pink and "floweredie" stuff... but I love dried roses, bird eggs and faded and worn things, so my new header and faded wallpaper background are nice for spring...

Contessa Kris said...

Love your new banners. That painting is beautiful! Spring cleaning. I tend to go through all our clothes getting rid of all winter things. I also start cleaning through closets. Definitely cleaning up the yard from all that befalls it during the winter. I'm so ready for spring.

Cindy at LottieBird said...

My spring cleaning habits are usually to move (years of a military husband). But since we have been in this house for five years, and this town for nine, I guess I'd better develop a new habit.

Love the painting. Perfect slice for the banners.

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