Not Another Nest....

So as I promised, I did make some jewelry that had nothing to do with nests. Although I do love to make the little woven nest! So these little babies are all about taking a journey. I found the truck charm at a local craft store. It was super cute, but super silvery. No worries, I have my new magic potion that can dirty up anything. Man I love that stuff!
Then the words came. I've 8 of these truckin' on charm necklaces. Some are headed to -Birmingham, others staying here at The Vintage-Flea. If you are interested though, please email me!!

Sometimes it's good to just "See for yourself." Don't you think? So don't be afraid, take the journey. Whether it's a physical one to another city or just trying something new. Put your fears aside, put your hand out the window, feel the breeze and GO!


Dianne said...

These are soooo cute!

Cindy at LottieBird said...

Perfect, perfect, perfect.

What great words to live by, jenni.

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