Artwalk Ready!

Today I ran down to The Vintage-Flea to my booth for a little "fluffing".  Tonight is the Fall Artwalk, which is always a wonderful time!  Unfortunately, I'll be absent...... it's Girl Scout night and as it is we are two out of four short on leaders.  BUT, I did get a ton of paintings hung and some other goodies in my booth.  When I left there were several other vendors busy arranging as well.  So stop by from 5-8PM in downtown Newnan if you can!


Kathryn Hansen said...

your booth looks great!! very inviting and fun! the vintage frames are very complimentary with your paintings!!

hope you sell a lot!!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

looks wonderful!!! wish I could stop buy and check things out. Best of luck

Dianne said...

I love your booth!

Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

that looks so great!!! I love the frames!

Good luck at the show!

{Little Gray Fox}

P.S. Come join our blog hop going on right now!

Antoinette Vogt said...

I sooo wish I could be there in person. Your artwork looks so wonderful. Absolutely love the frames! Such a nice compliment to your work. Just beautiful!

Ashley / StarSparrow said...

Ohhh I wish I could have been there!! It was either Art Walk, or go meet the guys from American Pickers at the local auction. I chose that one. lol!
(and I may be on the show!)

gypsysticks said...

...ok, I must ask, do you make your frames yourself or do you have someone do it for you? I just looove the rustic old barnwood look of them!

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