Field Trip Friday...Historic Senoia

This past Saturday I did something that quite honestly I've not done in a long time.  A girlfriend and I decided to spend the day together.  It's not that I don't have friends....don't get any funny ideas that I'm some sort of freaky recluse that only makes art and blogs about it.  Its just that...well...honestly I don't know how it is that you get to a certain age and your kids get to a certain age and the kids seem to have a more fabulous social calendar than you do.  I seriously think we adults should schedule more "play dates".  Anyhoo, we batted around different ideas, and ultimately decided to spend the day in Historic Senoia.  Why Senoia you ask?  Well, Southern Living is hosting one of its two design homes there.  And Senoia just happens to be in my beautiful Coweta County.  First stop however, was the American Legion Yard Sale.....I mean, who doesn't love a yard sale ( Amber and I do!!).

Yard Sales....I'll admit I don't attend many.  But I do love a good yard sale.  My Mother-in-law promised this would be a good one, so we started our jaunt here.  I mean, where else but in a yard sale could you find such treasures such as this artistic treat?

And how ironic that I would find treasures like this sitting right by Mr. Frowny face?  I left $20 short in my pocket and a treasure chest full of goodies.  In fact, I'm not gonna make you jealous by showing them off, just yet.  :)
After loading the truck with our treasures and bellies with amazing soft sugar cookies we headed out to Senoia.  One of the prettiest little cities in our County.  Mrs. Wendy's below I could literally just move right in.  And live that is.
We toured the Southern Living Home first, which I totally blanked on taking any pictures of, super sorry!  I think I was too mesmerized that the kitchen counter tops were the IKEA butcher block ones I desperately want...in fact the entire kitchen was IKEA (counter tops, cabinets and appliances...yep).  Floored me.  My favorite room by far in the house was the basement (four story walk up).  It had my coveted brick floors, horizontal planked wood walls, loft doors and furniture to only dream about with my 4 cats, dog, two children and hamster (OK, hamster doesn't really count I suppose since she doesn't climb on the furniture). Amber and I headed to Founders for an amazingly yummy lunch where the atmosphere and company made me feel less like a Newnan housewife and more like a diva on Park Avenue.
Here's another view of this quaint little town.  Senoia has come a very LONG way since Billy and I moved here.  They have done an unbelievable job of renovating the town and promoting tourism.  Of course it helps that a major movie production company is housed here....and Drop Dead Diva is filming here as well.  But honestly, without the true Southern hospitality, generous spirits of it's people and down home charm the city has to offer, we'd not be enjoying our Saturday here.  So kuddos Senoia!  I'm proud you're a part of our Coweta County family.  And I highly recommend you grabbing a girlfriend and spending the day here as well.  I know our day together was such a special way to reconnect.....


Isabel said...

Yes I agree our kids have more of a social calender than us adults:O) Love the pics and Senoia reminds me of the little quaint town down the road Salado that is full of antique shops Thanx for sharing and look forward to seeing all your treasures:O)

Angela C said...

You and I have the same typewriter! I I am so happy to have seen the photo of it posted on your blog :)

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