The Right Tools

Have you been reading my blog long enough to remember when I did made this booboo?

Yep.  I drilled right through that magic finger.  It was stupid....seriously.  I was holding a quarter size copper blank with my left hand, drill in right.  No pre-set hole, no stabilizer, notta.  Just stupid.  And man it HURT.  Like I've had natural child birth, and this was close.  So last week was jewelry making week and the thought of once again drilling the copper was freaking me out a tinge.  See all these blanks that need holes?  And most require 2 holes!
I decided to take my little self to Home Depot armed with a blank and the bit and ask for expert advise.  I had the best help from Justin....and together we decided this was the equipment I needed to buy to make those holes in the blanks and not my magic finger.

I bought the newest Dremel 4000 and Dremel work station.  Basically I've made a miniature drill press station.  And man.....I could drill some serious holes.  It was actually fun!  Notice my left hand is not holding the copper disc, but rather my bench block is?  Smart girl.  You guys like my safety glasses?  Billy was like why aren't you just using saftey glasses?  Umm...I think these are cooler(and I was too lazy to search for them in Mailey's room).    All I needed was a metal shard in the eyeball to make my day bright...So the sunglasses worked to prevent this.  Jewelry is now done, yipee skippee feeling for sure!! 

It is amazing what having the right tools will do to make me not only super happy, but super productive!  Now I have a few days to get displays ready for the Norcross Show.  It's getting super exciting around the studio!


Dianne said...

Very cool...I've had one of the original Dremel drill presses for years...I don't even think they make them anymore... Drilling holes in magic fingers is not cool... not to mention painful!

B said...

Gotta be careful with those fancy gadgets too...drill press can take off Half your thumb...just ask Paw Paw! We are proud of you!

Love you,
B and PawPaw

~ Dawn ~ said...

Hi Jenny... when I was making my jewelry disks...i totally broke a drill bit and it bounced and I drilled through my thumb nail! I feel your pain! Hope you are much better and I am loving the work space! Congrats on your full time adventure!

Suzanne said...

Can we get a close-up on that tool? I think I might need one!

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