Something You Don't Know

So today I thought I'd share something about me that you'd probably in a million years never guess that I like.  Here's a hint:

I didn't remember to bring the good camera along, so these are fuzzy cell phone pics.  Can you tell where we are?  I forget sometimes how lucky we are to be Atlanta suburbans.  I get so caught up in my little slice of the world, forgetting that Atlanta is minutes away.  At least I do, my husband goes there everyday to work.  Atlanta has EVERYTHING you could ever want to do or see:  largest Aquarium, World of Coke, first class museum, theater as good as New York, professional baseball, football, basketball, and hockey, IKEA, beautiful parks and the Altanta Motor Speedway.   Which brings me to this photo:
Last night Billy and I attended our first night race.  I am thinking I like the night better than the day!  Races are an amazing experience....the noise alone can make your head spin!  Billy is not the biggest fan of going to these, but he knows I do, so when we are given an opportunity to attend, he always says yes.  By the way, the headphones are not for noise control.  Sitting in the boxes you don't need ear plugs.  Those are scanners headphones.  You can listen to your favorite driver talk to his pit and hear his eagle eyes telling him where the cars around him are.  It's pretty cool.  I don't really know anything about the drivers, except who is really young and who is really sweet on the eyes. 

I enjoy it because it tickles all 5 senses:  the ears (no explanation needed), the eyes (OK, race fans are fabulous people to watch), nose (between the concessions and the car fumes your nose is in hyper drive), taste (where else can you drink beer and eat cotton candy?), and touch....well the cars you're not supposed to touch in the garages but I sure want to feel the slick metal under my fingers!  Anyhoo....I just thought I throw you off a bit and share something about me I know you'd never guess that I like.  Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day!!

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Anonymous said...

You know you are a redneck when.... LOL! Cute headphones!

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