Spelling JOY

About a month ago I decided to purge the magazine pile.  A fun afternoon activity, mindless really.  I casually flipped through each one before tossing it into the recycle pile.  I pulled this from Country Living Magazine in March of 2007: 

"How do you spell joy?  Joy springs from creativity.  So, tap into yours.  See in new ways, work in new ways, and delight at being unique.  Creativity is all about new beginnings.  Spell joy your way-and follow it with your heart. "

This school year has really started me down a path of renewal for what I am doing as an artist.  New products are being made, painting compositions are spilling into my sketchbook, the sewing machine has made its debut on the art table and jewelry inspirations are tacked to the window.  Yes, it's a time where following my heart is an easy ride.  And joy, well if you take a peek at any of my work you can see that joy is something I do not have a problem sharing.

So tell me, how are you spelling joy right now?


Ludid said...

i simply love this idea of how each spell joy. the way i spell joy is taking my time to discover myself as an artist.

thanks for sharing "your" joy.

gypsysticks said...

I guess for me right now, JOY is being BRAVE and taking a chance on MYSELF and what I can achieve.

fromthepines said...

Well, I am caught up - I read all your posts and love them. I agree totally that you DO inspire. I want to get out the wood and drywall mud right now! Good thing that my boyfriend is a contractor and has access to tons of leftovers - score!
As I was reading about the scritching and seeing your progress I thought - ooh paper would be cool on there and then you did it, and then I thought words would be neat too and you did it! I didn't think of the black gesso though! Gotta get me some oil sticks too and some wax and etc etc - lol
Thanks for the inspiration and keep on creating. You are on my blog roll now and can't wait to see what you do next.


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