I Really Didn't Like My Sewing Machine Until....

I have ALWAYS loved to sew.  I love to tell the story that as a child I can remember sneaking down to Mom's sewing closet to play on the machine to make things (it was an wonderful mustard yellow colored machine).  Remember when they used to sell pre-printed fabric projects?  You'd cut out the shapes and sew them together?  One year I made all my friends those for Christmas presents.

About 7 years ago I decided to purchase my own machine.  I researched and fretted over this decision I tell ya!  But after much thought I chose this Singer:
It's really cool looking isn't it?  At that time I was all about making clothes for Mailey and my neice Addie.  I seriously made some of the cutest dresses ever....I'll have to find them in the attic soon and show you.  Embellished like, well.....very hard to explain. Think of the dress like my fabric canvas and that's what I added.  But in the past year or so it's been a very naughty machine.  In fact, I was researching new ones.  And then Ashley came over, my quilting friend.  I asked her to peek at it.  First she said to have it serviced.  OK....and then she proceeded to tell me all sorts of things I HAD NO idea my machine could do.  You see all these stitches:
Let's just say that those stitches and I have been rockin' and rollin' the past couple of days!!  See below what I am working on?  Tomorrow I shall share all my sewing projects with you.


Ashley / StarSparrow said...

Oh Jenni, they turned out AWESOME!!! I may have to get one, too too cute.

Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

too cute! I can't wait to see what you have been creating!

gypsysticks said...

tell, tell! what are they? oh, the suspense...can't wait to find out!

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