Grocery Shopping with Artist Hands

Earlier this week Mailey and I headed to the store to "pick up a few things".  I have routines for this sort of errand (Mondays for instance are my errand running day). So night time grocery runs are not part of the routine, and usually end up costing me more than planned.  BUT, Billy needed something or another so I asked Mailey if she wanted to join me.  She eagerly said "YES!"  and scurried away.  I found her in the art studio cutting this paper and writing in big sharpie the following items.  Her grocery list that is. 

So to translate my lefty, left brained, creative child's handwriting for you she needs the following in her buggy:  white cheese means provolone, gum is just gum, pufs are actually toddler sweet potato puff snacks, yogert is yogurt, gumyes are fruit snacks, and eney froot is any fruit.  So we arrive at Publix and she wants her own buggy for her food selections.  We cruise up and down the aisles together gathering our items on our lists.  For some reason she pulls up next to me at some point, looks down and exclaims quite loudly, "MOM, you need to paint your toenails!"  What?  I look down to find clean, unpolished toes just as I like them these days.  It's weird I know, but I am not into polish right now.  Mailey I say, my toes are just fine, have you seen my fingernails?

Yep, I think they may need a little help.  And Mailey definitely agreed. 


nacherluver said...

I'm not a polish gal. My husband despises the stuff!
I can imagine it benefits the artists hands, the gardener's hands, the nail biter, the....
or we can embrace all traits for what they are! Beautiful and human ;)
Art is worth it!

Perhaps your daughter would enjoy playing manicurist? You could teach her how to soak, use some lemons to cleanse, teach the tools for cleaning, cutting, filing.

You could still stay au natural and enjoy a day home at the spa!

The grocery list is uber cute! That would be a good one to tuck away in a cookbook to be found again someday.

sydney @ memorable minutes said...

haha, i failed your daughter's list and i pride myself on that stuff, being a teacher and all. i thought...white gum (makes sense, it comes in all colors) and cheese puffs. have a great long weekend

Kristin Dudish said...

I love this post! You are very lucky to have such a great helper :)

And as far as the hands go, I can so relate... If I had a nickel for every time I got home from the store & realized I had paint on my face the whole time... Or my latest - a huge chunk of crazy hair sticking straight up from dried matte medium!

Anonymous said...

Funny, it reminds me when my kids were little and wrote like that.... I loved it, so cute. PS I managed to read it.
As for the nails My daughter ( now 20) used to beg me to get manicures, hard to do when your paint etc....
Of course she has now given up.... although she tells me I have to when she gets married ...... In the far far off future ( I hope )

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