Adventure of A Lifetime

So this has been quite an adventurous week.  Yep.  Adventurous that is to a.... suburbanite.artist. wife.mother.wifeo'politician.obsessivehousecleaning.boxinglovin'.cookieeating.artteachingfool who is loving life right this minute.  I've done two things I've not done in almost 10 years in one week!  Wow.  I am literally taking my advice and 'making the adventure of a lifetime life itself".

So my two things......#1 I ran a 5K road race in 32 minutes yesterday (10 min. mile ok for an old lady) and #2 interviewed for a job.  Yes, I said J.....O.....B.  I know you are thinking you've got a job.  But this is a job that actually pays and I don't spend any money to make money.  I know artsy people there is hope.  I've got one more interview and then I can tell you more, but for now I am seriously loving this adventure.  Because no matter what the outcome of the "J" word is, the experience has kindled a flame I have a feeling is going to be burning awhile.


Micah Holden said...

#1. 10min mile YAY!!! That's totally race pace (not that i'm the expert but that's as fast as this old lady has ever run)
#2. This, as well as all your other paintings, makes me smile!
#3. Hope the J O B thing works out just the way you want...need it to!

Alicia said...

Congrats on the race, that is a great goal to accomplish. Good luck with the job adventure!

nacherluver said...

Wow! Congrats on the race. Good for you! Love the painting too.

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