Cutest Dogs on the Block

In my after school art classes this month we tackled clay.  Kids luuuuuvvvvv clay projects.  It's like Fun Dip on a hot summer day at the pool.  They luuuuuvvv it!! I usually do pots.....or birds....or nests.  But this go around I wanted them to make dogs.  And these dogs won't bark, poo, pee or be bad in anyway.  They are just too darn cute to be bad!!  So here they are after being fired waiting for their owners to pick them up.

Could you just take this one home or what?  He's howling at the moon!
 Look at the personalities that came out once painted!  From golden retrievers to polka dotted Dalmatians, we ended up with a true dog pound in the art room this month!

So what's on the agenda for this month.....van Gogh pastel flowers.  A project sure to be a Mother's favorite!


Viagens pelo Brasil - Conheço essa cidade said...

Cool work, congratulations!


Alicia said...

Oh too cute!!! I can tell you must be a fun teacher. Its wonderful how they let the personality shine.

Erin Butson said...

oh my gosh, i love your work and these precious little dogs are to die for! what a treasure these kids will love forever.

Robin said...

How Fun, these made me smile. They look like they had a great time!

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