Staying True but Adding Sparkle

This will be my second year of Holiday shows.  And this week is the benchmark for the madness to begin.  5 days until show #1 of 4.  One thing I learned last year was this.....so listen up all you art show folks, this is a lesson I learned the hard way and don't want you to.  There are major differences between a "Holiday" show and an "Art" show.  By this, I do not mean that any is better than the other, you just have to be mentally prepared as well as product prepared for which one you are participating.  Last year I took my paintings and everything else I make....the whole kit and caboodle to all my shows.  And although my paintings made the booth pretty in the Holiday shows, as a general rule people (and  just to clarify, holiday show people are women....women on missions without their kids or husbands) do not buy original works of art for the Mother-in-laws, teachers, friends, family, etc.  So keeping this in mind this year, I have made an entire line of products that are very true to my aesthetic as an artist, but are in a price point true to my buyer. 

First up for you to take a sneaky peeky are my ornaments.  I quickly learned that ornaments are hot sellers at Holiday shows (I know, no duh right?)
These birds I found at a favorite Flea Market, and literally I bought every single one totaling about 72 I think.  They were plane jane wooden birds on the perches with an obnoxious pointy thing on the top of their heads.  I carefully Dremel sawed the thingy off, hand painted each one a favorite color, sanded them, hand sparkled and added vintage music paper wings.  They are just so darn pretty I can't stand it!!

And like I said, very true to who I am as an artist.  Little birds....little perches....and all painted in my favorite hues.   Like I said, staying true but adding a little sparkle.  And who doesn't like a little sparkle this time of year?


Isabel said...

They are sooo LOveLy!!!:O) They will def be a hit:O)

karin said...

My husband doesn't like glitter so just to be ornery-I try to use a lot of it at Christmas!

Micah Holden said...

Your little birdies are so sweet! I'm so glad you saw the potential, they just turned out so cute! I'd defintely pick one up to add some sweet birdy sparkle in my nest. :)

Beth said...

Oh they are cute! Hope you have a great month of shows.
Thanks for the advice about ornaments. I'm not doing any holiday shows this year, but I will remember that for next year!

Dianne said...


Diana said...

How smart are you! Let's us know how many you sell. I can see people buying a few to hang on the tree. They're so cute. Great advice, too!

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