Pumpkin Carving Time!

Carving pumpkins with my father has always been a fond memory of mine.  Years of orangy goo has tickled my fingers.  And a few weekends ago my children had the opportunity to follow in my footsteps. 
She is really beginning to favor me......like really.  William and Mailey both designed their own pumpkin face first on newspaper, then on the orange squash.  Mailey's was supposed to be a pig, William just a scary face.  But with Pawpaw in charge they soon took on more life including a banana pepper tongue and drilled hole freckles!

She loves goey messes and bugs much more than this pretty face below:
Look at all those yummy seeds!  Which of course I toasted up with some crazy salt and smart balance spray.  Have you ever tried toasted pumpkin seeds?  They are the best fall snack!
Posted by PicasaI was trying to get some shut eye in the hammock when these two monkeys climbed in for some Mommy love.
So here are those crazy pumpkin heads....my kids AND their pumpkins.  What a great day, and a memory that will last forever.


Jennifer DeDonato said...

Fun times!! I love those cute pants!

Isabel said...

how funand awesome great memories:O)

Suzanne said...

We can't carve pumpkins until the last minute in Florida. It's just too hot! They made some good-looking pumpkins.

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