Country Living Fair Atlanta

What a great weekend in Atlanta!  The Country Living Fair came our way this year and Mom, Molly, Fielding and I were there.  Actually, this is my second CLF....my first one to attend was the FIRST one held in New York City's Central Park.  Valerie and I went together.  I think it was probably 4 years ago?  It was a very small event with only Country Living tents... you see they set up tons of giant tents like a revival almost.  Folding chairs in rows with a stage up front, with each tent a different area of their magazine.  Like the magazine literally comes to life in front of you.  It was great, but very small scale.  In Stone Mountain park on Friday though, it was anything but small!  They had the giant Country Living tents with demonstrations, etc but they also had hundreds of small vendor tents.  I can not even tell you how amazing in words all the booths were.  From upscale antiques, to small town artisans like me, there were enough vendors to keep us there for 6 hours. 

And crowded......holy tamoly it was crowded.  In fact we were really glad we were able to stay late because after about 2 o'clock we were able to go back through and actually get into some tents we'd loved early on.  At 10am people were literally packing the walkways like sardines....and the tents, well it was a peek and walk on situation.
This booth was one of my favorites only because her furniture literally looks like my house.  Each piece would slide right on in and be right at home in our little home.  And the couch she had, covered in crewel and linen.....holy tamoly once again.  I may have drooled on it.  seriously.
I am a nut about booth set-up.  And this show did not disappoint.  Look at the little store front they made above?  I wonder if I can make a facade for my Mattie booths?  I've got a roof rack now!  hmmmmm...  At some booths where the "hot" items were, the lines to check out were like black Friday.  Cracked me up.  I wanna be a vendor next year with a black Friday line!!
So my total weakness these days are fabrics and notions.  And my empty wallet now feels the pain of this tiny obsession.  However, everything I bought will be put to very good use.....sometime.  We stayed until the very end, going around twice so as not to miss a thing.  I bought teacher gifts, family gifts, notions, fabrics, and other goodies.  And the ideas....well let's just say my trip to Hobby Lobby today was a doozy.  And I can't wait to get started on the ideas for my Christmas shows coming around the corner and of course my fun booth at the Flea.  It's going to be briming with birds and tons of sparkles.  So more pictures of there fair are here (my fb page).

Anyhoo....I hope you all have had a lovely fall weekend.  We sure have!


Dianne said...

Looks like it was such fun! The pics on your FB page were very inspiring!

kimhicksartist said...

Ok those chairs are great....why do I have to live so far away.Thanks for sharing it looked like so much fun....

Jennifer DeDonato said...

WOW...I would have been in heaven! I totally want those chairs.

gypsysticks said...

those chairs rock!

Lei said...

Wow, those armchairs would have felt right at home in my funky little cottage. Thanks for the pics! Wish I was there. LOL. My pocketbook would have been screaming at me and so would the extra fee at the airlines for a heavy carry-on item.

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