Camper Dreaming

When you move you start driving down new roads.  So it's been what?  3 months?  I think that's right.  3 months of traveling new roads.  One road we travel on pretty much daily.  And I have no idea why this hadn't made me wreck yet.  Yep.
I was traveling alone....and had my ipad handy.  So I pulled into a stranger's driveway, got out of the Jeep, ran down and peeked in at this little cutey!  It looks just like the one I love to paint!  Inside it has been totally gutted.  Which I can already see it now.  A traveling comanion.  A show stopper indeed.  I way to sell my wares at shows without a tent to blow away.  Oh man......and it's for sale.  Santa...dear?


Debbie said...

Oh she's a beauty, I can see why you are so smitten. I can't wait to finish my little trailer and hit the open road. I hope Santa brings you all you want this year!!


kim said...

It is perfect....I am already decorating and setting up your wares with you....
Happy Holidays!

Mobile Cone Crusher said...

It is perfect

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