Parties and Christmas

This past weekend we headed to the beautiful city of Monroeville, Alabama.  If you've been following me here a spell then you know I was just here a month ago meeting the other Jennifer Horne at the Beehive.  Yep.  This weekend however was the start of our FOUR Christmas'.  Not complaining.  Nope.  I mean, that's pretty darn lucky that I have family and friends to travel and see over the holidays to share the Christmas spirit with!!  Four times.  My kids LOVE it.  And I LOVE it.  I love to give, give, give gifts.  I get a total crazy high off finding and giving the perfect gift.  That look of "wow, you remembered...or Wow you really know me..." man it's the reason to give.  I don't even like to tell others what I am giving others.  And I really don't like knowing what is being given to my children.  I love the surprise and excitement of the entire holiday joy.   Yep....man....I am rambling a joyful crazy high right?  Whew.  Sorry. 

This weekend however, wasn't just about Christmas.  We also went to celebrate my sister Molly's only child's 2nd birthday.  Talk about time flying.  Seems just yesterday we were going down for his birth.  It was the best time for us(Molly and I) to be with our families and our Mother for Christmas.  And what a bonus to be celebrating Fielding's 2nd!  And celebrate in grand style we did.  Molly has a gift I had NO IDEA was in her.  And that would be the gift of Birthday Party planning.  Down to a tee.  Yep.  Just look below.  Not one detail missed.  Martha would be proud.  She worked us to death....but in the end it was a perfect day and a perfect party for a pretty darn cute little boy.  So enjoy the party pics below!

 There were 6 carnival games perfect for little tykes to enjoy, a jumpy house, fresh lemonade stand, hot dog stand, cupcakes to knock your socks off good, and a photo booth.  Geesh this is a cute idea.  I am SO going to implement one into my festival booths.  Wouldn't that be a hoot??

Is he the cutest little man or what?  Of course I am a tad biased.  Anyhoo....we celebrated much on Saturday.  From Christmas with our mother to a 2 year old's birthday.  It was such a joyful way to start our holiday season.  So.....how many times do you celebrate the season?

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ShaeWC said...

Hi Jenni! I so wish I could have been at Fielding's party! I just found out about your blog...Molly told me to check it out for party pics. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Can't Believe I haven't seen it sooner! I am quickly becoming your biggest fan...and of course I love Molly so much already!

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