Puffy Heart

I've decided to start a series of posts called "puffy heart". I could call it something else, yes, but since that has become my coined term for things I share here on the blog that I absolutely adore, it fits. So be looking for regular posts that are filled with joy, silliness, yumminess and home.

Today I am sharing with you our "pickle gift".  What's a pickle gift?  Glad you asked!  We have a little glass pickle ornament that each year gets hidden deep into the Christmas Tree.  On Christmas morning William and Mailey search for the pickle hidden in the tree.  The child that finds it gets to open the "pickle gift".  Always the gift is a family game.  And they know this.  But getting to open one extra gift after all the unwrapping is done is quite a big deal!
 So this was the family game Mailey unwrapped (she always seems to find it....too many games of I Spy I suppose).  Let me tell you, this GAME ROCKS!!  It is hilarious and appropriate for many ages.  In fact we ended up playing a rather lengthy game of it with Billy's family ages 9-71!!  I of course received some pretty funny cards thanks to Mailey, the official card giver.  I was a Lollipop, unicorn and dragon.  So funny.  You have to ask yes or no questions of the group then pass or guess.  When it comes back around to you again you ask questions until you figure out what you are.
We ran out of headbandz so Billy used his finger.  A bed....geesh you shoulda heard some of his questions and answers.
My two children could hardly stand not giving hints to people what they were.  It was funny how they would just blurt out amazing hints.  Which was cheating yes, but the thing is, their cheating didn't help them win!  I suppose they just wanted everyone to succeed.  Which is a lovely trait in your bag of tricks, right?

So, do you guys hide a pickle in your tree?    Or do you have any other Christmas traditions that are silly like this?  I am hoping you all had a lovely holiday.  We are doing a bunch of nothing in the Horne house for the week.  Well, that's not entirely true.  I have ONE goal.  Promise to share later in the week once/if I get started!

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