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I've spoken about these two adorable ladies before:  Tiffin and Joyanne .  Tiffin is the one who went to Portland with me this year and held my hand, well not physically but mentally, while I got the nest on my wrist.  And Joy was a right hand during the Country Living Fair.  So you may recognize these pretty faces from here on the blog.   We all three met at the infamous Shakerag festival 3 years ago.  And over those 3 years we have slowly developed one of those sisterhood type friendships.  We don't see each other much, or talk much much as we should.  But rather we have one of those friendships that is effortless and brings so much simple joy to my life.  We share so much in common and use this common thread to continue weaving what I know will be an eternity scarf. 

I hope each of you has some type of connection like this.  Because it is invaluable to have women like this in your life.  Strong, grounded, confident and beautiful from the inside out.  Yep...I am one lucky duck to have had these two cross my path when they did.  And like I always say, everyone comes into your life EXACTLY when and where they are supposed to. 

While at the Country Living Fair I joked with Joy that we should totally have a show in my house.  Forget the setting up a tent and freezing our butts off....have it in a nice warm house.  Right at Christmas.  Call it something like "Handmade Holiday".  Well, all 3 agreed, the date was set and the next thing you know the day was here!!  I was bubbling over with excitement.  I love to share my home with people.  Love.  And yes, I was running around like a banshee the day before cleaning, cutting bushes, and decorating.  Of course as much stuff as we had you'd hardly have noticed a crumb on the floor!

 Orange truck even got a Holiday cheer!  I set up in the main living area:
And in the entrance.  My last few paintings left from show season greeted everyone.  Well, and so did Lily.  She loves to have company over too!!
 New little baubles were a hit.
 I even made some glass puffy hearts this holiday season.  Just gotta puffy heart them, right?
Joy had the pink room (dining room).  And so very appropriate since she creates the most amazing gentle, feminine jewelry! 
 Her little vignette under my ribbon decor even matched!
She just knows how to place each unique find with the right beads, baubles and chain.  Each piece is so very different....and so very lovely.  And talk about hand skills....she has new crocheted pieces that any Grandmother would be smiling over!  I had to have one and have worn it twice since Sunday.  I feel so elegant while teaching art to crazy K-5th graders in it!!  That's the phrase for her: elegant vintage chic.  remember that Joy!
Tiffin had the eating and kitchen area for her amazing assortment of goodies for the home.  And talk about hand skills here.  I have never seen anything more well crafted in my entire life than everything that comes out of her studio.  I mean seriously.  Flawless.  And a diverse portfolio was well.
 I just love the way she puts lamps together.
 And the new embroidery she is joyfully crafting....I want them ALL!!
I know,  I know!!  They are just beautiful!  She has such a knack for creating edgy decor for your home.  (You should see her house.  Man, she is an amazing decorator!!)
She had loads of aprons and prints as well.  Like I said, she crafts for your entire home.  Got to love a well-rounded crafter.    My catch phrase for her:  vintage edgy home
So, yes....to answer your question we are hosting a second event.  In the SPRING!  With a new twist...we plan to share our thrift decor finds, display pieces ready to be retired and of course a fresh batch of handmade goodness for your heart, home and body.

As soon as we set a date a sidebar link will appear.  And be blogged about too I am sure.  For now, enjoy the rest of your week.  We are off to Alabama for a spell of Holiday Cheer!! 


Catherine Denton said...

What a fun, wonderful idea to host in your home! Everything looks lovely.
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This Moment said...

This looks wonderful and so much fun! I was thinking of trying to host something in my home to celebrate my creations as well. If you have time and any tips I'd love to hear them because this is something that I've been mulling around in my head for the last month but I'm scared to take the leap!


linwood avenue said...

thanks for opening yr beautiful house. it was such a fun (and entertaining) day!

JoyaJewelry said...

Jenni, you are so sweet!! Thank you for your kind words. I am a true believer that people meet for a reason too! xoxo

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